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Hi, I'm Camille 'Cam' Carter.

Empathetic and Passionate about ALL things (related to) Caregiving, the journey for me, has been a Personal one. For years and at different intervals in my life, I had the great Honor, to be the Primary Caregiver for close relatives. Family members whom I Love and Respect, that are near and Dear to me. As a result, I learned various capabilities, to help others on their own pilgrimages. Although Caregiving is not necessarily an “easy” task-the joys are bountiful and it is Doable, with the right tools.

My goal is to enable you to do the same, by giving you the confidence and the personal strength, to succeed during your own Caregiving endeavors. Admittedly, it took some trial and error, as well as my own “blood, sweat & tears”, to discover the fortitude to carry on. However, I truly believe that those experiences, helped me develop my purpose to be a benefit for other Caregivers.

Overall and at the end of the day, we ALL want Love and want to be Loved and reciprocate the same Love. Therefore, ‘LOVE’ is at the core of Caregiving. It is the epitome and the foundation of Everything that it means to be a Caregiver-sharing and giving of Oneself…..Unequivocally. So, let Cam’s Purple Corner L.L.C assist You on YOUR Caregiving adventure and journey!


According to www.caregiver.org, 48% of Caregivers are between the ages of 18-49 years old.

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (www.cdc.gov), middle-aged and older adults provide a substantial portion of care for children, parents, and/or spouses.

Generally, they help those whose health has declined due to old age; disease; disability; or a mental disorder. (Wikipedia.org)

There for Family, when it Matters Most.

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