Remembering ‘Your Why’: In Caregiving

Two hands from two different people coming together to make a heart.

I took a Mastermind class that was sold and taught by both Tony Robinson and Dean Graziosi. Both are gurus in the Self-development world. One (1) assignment was, to go Deep into Why I was passionate about my chosen niche (Caregiving). It was called, ‘7 Levels Deep’. It was very Powerful because it really put things into perspective. As a result of what I learned, it allowed me to go beyond surface-level stuff and dig deep into my psyche. I permitted myself, to look further into Why caregiving is so important to Me and the reasons I’m so Passionate about Caregivers. It may also help You to remember Your ‘Why’, while caregiving and taking care of Your loved one. So, I’m going to share My Why with you and the many ways this exercise is so Beneficial. What I’ve learned is, the ‘7 Levels Deep’ exercise can be applied to a multitude of things and life in general. I’ll start, to give you an excerpt of how it works (below):

  1. What do I Want to Teach? I want to teach People about  caregiving and what I learned about being a Caregiver (the good, the bad, and the indifferent).
  2. Why is #1 Important to Me? Because I learned things along the way, as a Caregiver and I want to share them with other Caretakers. If I can help with the dreaded case of “burnout” and Caregivers NOT doing so much that they sacrifice themselves (being ‘The Martyr, in essence’), then what I can provide (My voice) is worth it.
  3. Why is #2 Important to Me? I wish I’d had a “Guide” or more support, during my own journey. Basically, a what NOT to do! The experience would’ve been better balanced and I would not have been running on ‘E’…empty fumes. Because I gave 100% to the People who I loved that I gave 0% to myself (my health; my sanity; my wellness and my well-being). I was deep in the throes of caregiving, that I didn’t recognize how much I was neglecting Me. But this was of NO fault to my loved ones that I was caring for. I learned the “hard way” of the Dos & Don’ts, while giving Care.
  4. Why is #3 Important to Me? Although I didn’t make Self-Care a priority during that time (Thankfully, I know Better now!), I was able to give those I cared for the Best Care possible.  I was intentional with the love, attention, and respect that each one received. And though I don’t regret any of those sacrifices, I’m glad I’ve learned how crucial balance is. The “scales” should be better weighed for ALL parties involved, the Caregiver as well as for the Recipient(s) of Care.
  5. Why is #4 Important to Me? Because it was Imperative, that the Patient was able to live out the best days of their lives, regardless the state of their health. I wanted them to know that their health goals, wellness, and welfare was just as Important to Me, as it was to them. However, this realization was only possible, if I (as the Caregiver) applied the same mindset to my own well-being. 
  6. Why is #5 Important to Me? As a Human-being, each person deserves to live their life as he/she wishes. As individuals, it should be a personal chose and decision. We each deserve a life full of Joy; Happiness; Abundance; Laughter; Dependability; Love and ALLLL the Goodness in the world. Everything that money can’t buy, the intangible Beauty of life. And as a Caregiver and the One receiving Care, all of this is possible, especially when BOTH parties are on one accord. Again, balance…giving to One, while also giving to Self and without neglecting either.
  7. Why is #6 Important to Me? If what I know, have experienced, and lived can make a Caregiver’s life and that of their love one’s less burdensome…I want to offer EVERYTHING that I have learned. Whether that is my knowledge, talents, and God-given skills then I know I can help Families everywhere. If, but One (1).
  8. Why is #7 Important to Me? That YOU, as a Caregiver read My WHY (#1-#7) and come up with your own, by completing this exercise. What will You come up with and what will Your WHY be? Share your answers and insights below. Happy caregiving!

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