Journey With Me.

I share Personal experiences, during my Own Caregiving adventures. My hope is that You gain Confidence, Strength, and Attainable Insight, as a result of reading these stories. Remember, YOU are your strongest asset and ally, while Caring for your loved one(s).


Knowledge is Power.

A message board reading "Self Care isn't Selfish"

Maybe you are a ‘Novice Caregiver’ or perhaps, you’ve been “thrown into” it, by becoming a Caretaker and are unsure what to do next. Either way, I understand Wholeheartedly, because those were My sentiments when I first began caregiving. After my loved one became ill, I sprung into action and became their primary Caretaker. Several years later and on two (2) separate occasions, I was entrusted to do the same with two (2) additional Family members. I realized the Love and Passion that I had then and now, due to my experiences. I learned A Lot, but prioritizing ‘Self-Care’ was at the forefront. Therefore, I created this course for Inspiration, Guidance, and Knowledge to assist You during your Own Caregiving experience.


Organized Medical Data & In One (1) Place.

The Journals that I offer, were created for Both organization and practicality. Since caregiving can be very demanding, having somewhere to host ALL of your loved one’s pertinent medical information is imperative. Further, the role of a Caregiver is a huge endeavor and responsibility, as well. So with this in mind, I formulated a journal for both the Caretaker AND the Care Recipient (loved one, significant other, friend, et cetera), the Person receiving care. Because the color ‘Purple’ is significant to Caregiving (represents ‘Appreciation & Awareness’), BOTH Journals have a variation of ‘Purple’ on it. Enjoy!

A woman sitting in a conference room using a journal.